10.2 Non-UW Medical Student Access to Educational Courses & Facilities Policy

Policy Statement
School of Medicine classes, laboratories, and patient care settings are restricted to enrolled University of Washington medical students. Under no circumstances may a student bring a non-UW medical student to classroom or clerkship settings without prior approval from the Associate Dean for Student Affairs or Associate Dean for Curriculum and the permission of the Block or Clerkship Director.

Requirements, Procedures and Guidelines
The School of Medicine’s deans and faculty recognize that some students with children are the sole source of care outside of prearranged daycare. In addressing this issue, students who are parents are encouraged to have daycare arrangements and backup options confirmed prior to beginning coursework. In general, it is not appropriate to bring children into the classroom and under no circumstances are children to be present in the classroom when examinations are being given. Children are not allowed in the laboratory or patient care setting.

If there is an exceptional situation in which a student would like to bring a friend or family member to class, they should make an appointment with the Associate Dean for Student Affairs to discuss the request and the circumstances under which the request might be permitted.

All Foundations Phase block and longitudinal courses required for the completion of the MD degree are restricted to medical students enrolled in the University of Washington School of Medicine WWAMI Program, with the exception of current visiting medical school applicants. The School of Medicine’s Office of Admissions may make arrangements with Foundations Phase Block Directors to allow applicants to sit in on a lecture on the day they are interviewed. Within the Foundations Phase, these include the block and longitudinal courses at all regional sites, including University of Washington, Gonzaga University, University of Alaska-Anchorage, University of Idaho, Montana State University, and University of Wyoming.

With permission of the course director, in consultation with the Associate Dean for Curriculum and, where appropriate, the Foundations Dean at a regional site, an exception may be considered for a student who is enrolled in a graduate program within one of the basic science departments of the host university (University of Washington or regional affiliated institutions) where the course is a documented component of the student’s graduate degree.

Students from other University of Washington health professions schools, such as the School of Dentistry, may upon occasion and with approval by the Associate Dean for Curriculum and the Block Leader(s), sit in on block courses. However, the granting of credit and formulation and administration of any tests, will be separate for those students.

Visiting students are not eligible to register for the School of Medicine’s Foundations Phase block or longitudinal courses given in Seattle or at the regional Foundations Phase sites.

Required Clerkships: All required clerkships are restricted to medical students enrolled in the University of Washington School of Medicine’s WWAMI Program and approved to pursue the MD degree. These include all clerkships offered in Seattle and all regional sites. 

Clinical Electives: University of Washington School of Medicine students approved to pursue the MD degree have priority in the scheduling process for clinical electives. Visiting students from LCME-accredited schools may be scheduled if positions are available after the University of Washington medical students have been accommodated. 

Effective: Current
Last updated: August 11, 2020
Policy Contact: UW School of Medicine, Curriculum Office, somgov@uw.edu; Education Quality Improvement Office, eqi@uw.edu