Identification Badges, Access Cards and Keys

Identification Badges
Photo identification (ID) badges must always be worn when in a hospital or clinical settingwhen seeing patients in an official capacity, including as part of a research protocol, and when in any hospital or university building after-hours.  

If an ID badge is lost or stolen, students must report it immediately to the appropriate regional administrative staff or clerkship administrator. Students may be asked to submit an incident report to the clinical site’s public safety office related to the lost or stolen ID badge and may be required to pay a replacement fee for each additional ID badge that is issued to them. 

If a name change occurs, students must update their photo ID badge. Once the name change is registered with the School of Medicine’s registrar’s office, students should contact their regional administrative staff or clerkship coordinator, as appropriate, to inquire about the name change process for the ID badges. 

Access Cards and Building Keys
Medical students may be issued access cards and building keys to enter various buildings and hospital/clinic locations during the regular business hours and/or afterhours. Students should return access cards and building keys at the conclusion of their Foundations training, clinical clerkship, or prior to graduation, as appropriate. 

Lost or stolen access cards and building keys must be reported immediately to the regional administrative staff and/or clerkship administrator, as appropriate. Students may be required to pay a replacement fee for each additional access card or building key that is issued to them.