9.3 Explore & Focus Track Policy

Policy Statement
The Explore & Focus Track:  

Students selected to an Explore & Focus (E&F) Track take 12 weeks of courses at their Track location. These 12 weeks consist of:

  • A required E&F Emergency Medicine clerkship
  • A required E&F Neurology clerkship
  • An additional four weeks of E&F clinical coursework

Track site courses may be non-consecutive. More time may be spent at the Track site based on availability and the student’s scheduling choices.

Requirements, Procedures and Guidelines
The School of Medicine (SOM) Curriculum office manages the initial E&F Track application process. SOM Registration will schedule the Emergency Medicine clerkship, Neurology clerkship, and an additional four weeks of E&F clinical coursework site during the initial scheduling process. Students may adjust their schedules, but in order to retain Track status any changes must meet the Track requirements outlined above. The appropriate WWAMI Regional Office administers Track selection, admission, and oversight. Expanded students must re-apply for Track each academic year.

Effective: Current
Last updated: March 1, 2023
Policy Contact: UW School of Medicine, Curriculum Office, somgov@uw.edu; Education Quality Improvement Office, eqi@uw.edu