Explore & Focus Track Policy

Policy Statement
The Explore and Focus Track:  

  • Explore and Focus Phase required clerkships consist of neurology, emergency medicine, and two advanced patient care clerkship (at least one of which need to be a sub-internship) 
  • 12 weeks of required clerkships in the region or city
    • The 12 week, non-consecutive weeks, will be composed of Neurology, Emergency Medicine, and one 4-week non-permission elective  
    • More time can be spent at the Track site based on regional availability and the student’s scheduling choices  

The total length of the Explore & Focus Phase, excluding reserved time for interviews and Capstone, is 12 months. For an Explore & Focus Track student, 12 non-consecutive weeks will be guaranteed at the track site and nine months would be scheduled by the student, possibly outside of the track site. 

Requirements, Procedures and Guidelines
The School of Medicine Curriculum office will handle the initial application process. Scheduling and Registration will provide priority ranking for Emergency Medicine, Neurology, and one non-permission elective at the Track site during the initial scheduling process. The appropriate WWAMI Regional Office will administer track selection, admission, and oversight. Expanded students will re-apply for Track each academic year. 

Effective: Current
Last updated: August 11, 2020
Policy Contact: UW School of Medicine, Curriculum Office, somgov@uw.edu; Education Quality Improvement Office, eqi@uw.edu