6.3 Credit Limit in Specialty Policy

Policy Statement
Students must work closely with the Registrar when scheduling coursework to satisfy graduation credit requirements.

Students are allowed to take a maximum of 32 credits of Explore and Focus phase elective clerkships in a given specialty, and these credits will be counted toward the minimum number of clinical elective credits required for graduation.

Explore and Focus phase clerkships may be taken in the Patient Care phase if departmental prerequisites have been met. Explore and Focus Phase Required Clerkships (Emergency Medicine and Neurology) and Explore and Focus Phase Advanced Patient Care Clerkships are excluded from this policy.

Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Departmental Clerkship Director.

Requirements, Procedures and Guidelines
All clerkships are approved by the respective clinical departments, School of Medicine curriculum committees and the UW Curriculum Office for a maximum number of allowable credits.

  • EXAMPLE: MEDECK 603 Clinical Cardiology and Electrocardiography (8) is approved as a 4-week, full-time elective for 8 credits. The maximum number of credits a student can earn for this clerkship is 8. Similarly, the clerkship cannot be taken for credit for less than 4 weeks.

Some clerkships have been approved for variable credit and may be repeated.

  • EXAMPLE: MEDECK 699, WWAMI Medicine Special Electives (*, max 24) is approved to be taken for 2, 4, or 6 weeks full-time for up to 12 weeks or 24 credits. Thus, a student could take MEDECK 699 as a 4-week full-time elective in Cardiology and then MEDECK 699, as a 4-week, full-time elective in Respiratory.
  • EXAMPLE: A student could take:
ORTHP 677 P-Musculoskeletal Trauma Clerkship (*, max 8) for 4 weeks = 8
ORTHP 680 P-General Orthopaedic Clerkship (*, max 8) for 4 weeks = 8
ORTHP 682 P-Outpatient Orthopaedics (8 credits) for 4 weeks = 8
ORTHP 697 Away Clerkship (8 credits) for 4 weeks =




Total Credits =




*Students who have expanded their fourth year are exempt from this policy.

Find helpful videos for clerkship policies here (under Clerkship Policies).

Effective: Current
Last updated: May 4, 2021
Policy Contact: UW School of Medicine, Curriculum Office, somgov@uw.edu; Education Quality Improvement Office, eqi@uw.edu