Clerkship Communication Guidelines

Guideline Statement
Students on required and elective clerkships will receive communication about their clerkship no later than six weeks prior to the clerkship start date.

Requirements, Procedures and Guidelines
Clerkships will receive an email from students registered in their course no later than 4 weeks in advance.  Clerkships are expected to respond to students, no later than two weeks prior to the clerkship start, with the following information.

  • Registration of X clerkship beginning on X date
  • Contact information for site coordinator
  • Date of orientation on the first day (including time, place, and person to meet with)
  • Credentialing information students must complete
  • Calendar rotation (including call, days at different hospitals, who they will be working with)
  • A general disclaimer about UW IT requesting access for EPIC/ORCA
    • EHR training – if student’s have not had any training for the UW system, they will receive link to training 10 days ahead for EPIC training and information about ORCA training
    • Include the LMS link that will show them what trainings they have completed
  • Extra info about lectures, assignments, etc. specific to your clerkship
  • Any FAQs such as information about transportation to sites, questions about call, obtaining badges, etc.

Students are expected to contact their clerkship site with an introduction four weeks in advance to a rotation. However, depending on the site, students may not receive communication from the site until two weeks prior to the elective. Site coordinators are responsible for giving site specific credentialing information and other site details. Please see the department website for specific credentialing deadlines. Credentialing may be required to be submitted earlier than six weeks prior to the start date at some sites.

Effective: Current
Last updated: November 4, 2023
Guideline Contact: UW School of Medicine, Curriculum Office,; Education Quality Improvement Office,