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​In the new curriculum, we envision a more sophisticated data warehouse with a dashboard interface to allow students and appropriate educators and administrators to view at a glance the progress of individual students or cohorts. The School of Medicine will need to invest in underlying technologies as well as a more robust data integration infrastructure. Elements of this investment include the following:

Develop or adopt a longitudinal portfolio tool. The Colleges Portfolio tool provides a mechanism for students to submit reflections on their College activities and receive feedback from their mentor. If this type of reflection is to become a required activity in other portions of the curriculum, we will need to adapt the existing tool or adopt a new portfolio that can be used by all.

Develop a mechanism and process to tag assessment items. In order to track progress toward competencies, themes and threads, each assessment item (e.g., multiple choice item, essay question, OSCE station, etc.) will need to be tagged consistently. Some assessment systems permit this type of tagging, but others do not. A method of applying these tags will need to be developed, and appropriate staff/faculty time needs to be allocated to ensure quality control.

Create and expand data integrations. Data transfers between Academic Affairs Data Base (AADB) and several new systems will need to be established. In some cases the process will be automated, but in other cases it may require manual export of data from the source system and import into AADB.​

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