Creating mobile cloud recordings in Zoom

  1. Turn off orientation lock on your phone.
  2. Start Zoom App
  3. Tap Sign In –> Continue with SSO (Use ‘washington’ as the domain, then log in with your UW NetID)
  4. Tap New Meeting –> Start a Meeting
  5. Join audio via Wifi
  6. Put phone in tripod with screen facing you. Avoid positioning the clamp over the buttons.
  7. Touch the screen to make controls appear at the bottom. Tap record.
  8. To stop recording, tap the REC icon at top-left, tap square, tap Stop. Do not end the meeting!
  9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 for each OSCE station.
  10. When done, you can end the meeting and exit Zoom.

Zoom will email you when the cloud recordings are ready.