UWSOM Non-clinical Course Applications

Adding & Making Changes to Courses

The University of Washington has and online system (Kuali) for curriculum management including new course applications and course change applications. Anyone with a UW NetID can use Kuali to file new course applications or make modifications. Please note that UW Curriculum Office no longer accepts paper applications.

Clerkships must gain final approval by the UW Curriculum Committee before students can be registered. This is the workflow for course approval by the University of Washington:

  1. Department Fills Out Application Online
  2. Department Chair Approves Application
  3. School Of Medicine Approves Application
  4. UW Curriculum Committee Approves Application
  5. UW Curriculum add the course to the Student Database

Curriculum Committee Deadlines

  • School of Medicine Curriculum must submit all course applications by Noon on the day of the deadline in order for the application to be reviewed at that month’s UW Curriculum Committee meeting.
  • We suggest that you turn your applications in to SOM Curriculum one week before the UW Curriculum deadline.

You will need to submit a new course application each time you add a new clerkship or add a new site to an existing clerkship. New course applications are submitted online through Kuali.

  • Step-by-Step Instructions for submitting a new course application in Kuali
  • Example New Course Application

    • The sections you need to fill out are highlighted – pay attention to these sections:
      • Credits: 2 wks = 4 cr, 4 wks = 8 cr, 6 wks = 12cr, * = variable credits
      • Administrative Contact Information: Clerkship Administrator or departmental Curriculum Coordinator (not the preceptor)
      • Activities & Hours: Other & Total – 40+;
      • Explanation: Clerkship X-weeks full/part time
      • Grading: Standard

Course change applications should be submitted online via Kuali. You will need to submit a course change application if you want to make changes such as:

  • Change a course name (ex. updating from Group Health to Kaiser Permanante)
  • Change credits (ex. make a course variable credit or put a limit on the maximum credits a students can take the course for [ex. 4, max. 8])
  • Add or drop prerequisites
  • Change a course description
  • Update learning objectives
  • Drop a course that will no longer be offered

Check course information including official course name, credits, and prerequisites in the UW Course Catalog 

  • Step-by-Step Instructions for changing a course in Kuali
  • Example Course Change Application
    • Only fill out:
      • Sections you are changing (ex. credits)
      • Justification for the changes
      • Administrative contact information.
    • Important: Changes such as updating learning objectives require an updated syllabus.