UWSOM Non-clinical Time Schedule Construct and Maintenance

Time Schedule Overview

  • The Time Schedule is the official UW record of courses offered each quarter.
  • All clerkships must be added to the UW Time Schedule in the quarter they are offered in order for students to receive credit.
  • Some departments have a designated Time Schedule Coordinator, while other do not have a designated person and the responsibility falls to the Clerkship Administrator.
    • You must email times@uw.edu to get Time Schedule construction access. You will also need to have either an Entrust token or sign up for 2-Factor Authentication.

Using the Time Schedule

Time Schedule Construction System

Time schedule Construction is used for adding clerkships to the Time Schedule during the normal construction period. This is the best way to set-up your clerkships and avoid any issues with grade submission after the clerkship has ended. Please see the Time Schedule Construction Guide below for step-by-step instructions on entering clerkships into Time Schedule Construction.

  • Note that once you have entered a clerkship into Time Schedule Construction the course information will roll over each year until you change or delete it. This means, for example, if you enter a clerkship for Winter 2020, it will roll over to Winter 2021, and all subsequent winter quarters.
  • Time Schedule Construction Deadlines for 2020-2021 can be found here.

You are also able to make changes or add a clerkship to the Time Schedule after the construction deadline has passed. Changes can be made one of two ways:

  • Time Schedule Update System  
    • Use for changes such as adjusting enrollment limits or adding a grade submission delegate
  • Health Sciences Time Schedule Add Form
    • Use to add clerkships after the Time Schedule Construction deadline has passed
      • IMPORTANT: Information for clerkships added this way WILL NOT roll over to the time schedule for the next year and you will need to add the clerkship to the Time Schedule for the following academic year. Check back with the Time Schedule Production Calendar for dates when the Time Schedule Construction System is open for future quarters.

We will contact you if a grade is submitted for a clerkship is not in the Time Schedule.

Time Schedule Construction System

We have put together a time schedule construction guide to help you get started with time schedule construction and the process of adding clerkships to the time schedule after construction deadlines have passed. This is meant as a general guide – check with your department for any department-specific requirements

The Health Sciences Time Schedule Office periodically offers Time Schedule training, as does the UW Time Schedule Office (although these may not be relevant to clinical departments).