Advanced Patient Care Clerkships

The Explore and Focus Phase curriculum requires each student to take two Advanced Patient Care clerkships, one of which must be a Sub-internship, in order to graduate.  The criteria and process for designating advanced clerkships is described below.

What is an Advanced Patient Care Clerkship?

The APC clerkship is an 8-credit clinical experience during which the student acts at an advanced level. Some, but not all APC clerkships are sub-internships. APC clerkships may take place in an inpatient and/or outpatient setting. The clinical work may be primary or consultative.

APC and Sub-I Criteria (last updated 9/12/2022)


  • Take primary responsibility for aspects of patient care with appropriate supervision
  • Refine core clinical skills
  • Improve clinical reasoning and expand medical knowledge
  • Work as an integral part of the care team
  • Demonstrate independence and an ability to think critically, skills necessary to transition to residency

  • The student should work under the direct supervision of one or more attending physicians or senior residents in the manner of a first-year resident in that specialty.
  • The rotation should allow the student to become responsible for the care of an appropriate number of patients, which usually will be more than the number of patients a third-year student would follow in that specialty.
  • While sub-internships must be full-time four-week experiences, other APC rotations may be longitudinal as long as students complete the number of clinical hours required for an 8-credit clerkship.

  • The Graduation Audit Report in AADB to count the clerkships that each department designates as Advanced Patient Care.
  • As required clerkships, the first Advanced Patient Care clerkship and Sub-I clerkship a student takes are considered required and will qualify for travel reimbursement.


Developing an Advanced Patient Care Clerkship

Find additional information about developing a new Advanced Patient Care Clerkship, or changing a current elective clerkship into an APC HERE.

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