Advanced Patient Care Clerkships

The Explore and Focus Phase curriculum requires each student to take two Advanced Patient Care clerkships, one of which must be a Sub-internship, in order to graduate.  The criteria and process for designating advanced clerkships is described below.

What is an Advanced Patient Care Clerkship?

This is a four-week, full-time clinical experience during which the student acts at an advanced level in either an inpatient or outpatient setting. Most, but not all of these experiences will also fit criteria for a sub-internship.

  • Take on primary responsibility for inpatient care with appropriate supervision
  • Refine core clinical skills
  • Improve clinical reasoning and expand medical knowledge
  • Work as an integral part of the care team
  • Apply concepts and skills from the longitudinal Ecology of Health & Medicine in a relevant clinical setting

  • The student must work under the direct supervision of one or more attending physicians or senior residents in the manner of a first-year resident in that specialty.
  • The rotation must allow the student to become responsible for the care of more than one patient at a time and follow those patients in extreme detail. – or – The rotation must allow the student to be the initial contact person for an appropriate number of clinic patients per session (which should exceed the number of patients typically seen by a third year student.)
  • The student must have access to regular supervision and feedback while being permitted the opportunity to function somewhat independently as appropriate for the student skill level.

  • The Graduation Audit Report in AADB to count the clerkships that each department designates as Advanced Patient Care.
  • Curriculum tracks which Advanced Patient Care and Advanced Patient Care Sub-Internship experiences meet the requirement and which are in excess of the requirement.
  • As required clerkships, the first two Advanced Patient Care rotations to meet the graduation requirement qualify for travel reimbursement.


Developing an Advanced Patient Care Clerkship

Find additional information about developing a new Advanced Patient Care Clerkship, or changing a current elective clerkship into an APC HERE.

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