Elective Clerkship Overview

Explore & Focus Elective Clerkships
Student have an opportunity to register for various elective clerkships during their MS4/Explore & Focus Phase.  Information on potentially available electives- as well as APC and Sub-I clerkships- can be found in the Explore & Focus Clerkship Catalog.  Some clerkship require departmental permission to register.

Electives in E*Value
Availability information can be found in E*Value for some, but not all elective clerkships. Electives clerkships can be set up on E*Value one of two ways, referred to as the E*Value Status.  Some courses availability pre-entered into E*Value.  Other courses are only entered once a student is given permission to take the elective.  The E*Value status of an elective is listed in the Clerkship Catalog information. Electives are either one or the other – there is no elective with pre-set availability that would have different “hidden” availability.  Likewise, all electives requiring E*Value set-up will not have pre-set availability open in E*Value.  All required clerkships are pre-set up in E*Value.

Surgical Selectives are no longer a curriculum requirement for E15s and beyond, but there may still be students in the old Curriculum that may need Surgical Selective credit for graduation.  Please note that all Surgery electives qualify for Surgical Selective credit. 697/699s cannot be counted as surgical selective credit.