COVID-19 Resources

Medical students are expected to participate in the care of all patients assigned to their clinical teams during clerkship rotations. Medical students may be assigned by their supervising faculty member to provide direct patient care to patients with confirmed COVID-19 and patients under investigation (PUI) for COVID-19.  Medical students who have a condition for which accommodations might be appropriate can consult with the UW Disability Resources for Students  (DRS) office by emailing or calling 206.543.8924.

Management of Isolation for Medical Students Who Test Positive for COVID-19:

  1. For medical students in clerkships who have covid and are rotating at a UW Medicine site:
    1. Submit redcap survey: that will go to employee health.
    2. Email the clerkship director, site director and administrator immediately.
    3. Await employee health response to redcap survey that will determine return to work date according to the current policy (this response is very reliable).
    4. email the employee health response to the clerkship director when you receive it.
  2. For students in clerkships who have covid and are rotating outside of UW Medicine:
    1. Email the clerkship director, administrator and site director ASAP.
    2. Follow the local hospital guidelines for return to work.