Grade Review, Challenge, & Appeal FAQ

Process overview and steps on grade reviews, challenges and appeals can be found here.

  1. What is a grade review?
    • A grade review is an in-person or video-conference guided review of de-identified evaluations and exam scores that contribute to the final clerkship grade. If the department has established guidelines for the review, follow their specific instructions.
    • All students are permitted under FERPA (Family, Education, Rights and Privacy act) to review educational records (e.g., exams and evaluations) upon request and any time after grade submission.
  2. How do I review my grade?

  1. What is a grade challenge?
    • After a grade review, if a student has a significant concern about their clerkship final grade or the summative comments, the student may submit a written request to the department to challenge their grade.
    • The clerkship director reviews the relevant grading and evaluative materials and elicits related materials from faculty or department resources to determine the uniformity and impartiality of the grade or summative comments.
    • After clerkship director completes fact finding, student and director meet to discuss student’s challenge.
    • After the meeting, the clerkship director will contact the student in writing with the grade challenge decision.
  2. How do I submit a grade challenge?
    • Complete the Grade Challenge Form and submit to the Department Clerkship Director and administrator.
    • Grade challenge must be submitted within four weeks after the grade is posted. This allows the department time to meet with the student and process the challenge within seven weeks after the grade is posted.
  3. What happens prior to the grade challenge meeting?
    • The clerkship will obtain all documentation related to the creation of the grade
    • Solicit names/level of contact of evaluators (if applicable).
    • Gather additional data (if appropriate) based on student challenge documentation
  4. What happens during the grade challenge meeting Director and student meeting?
    • Review student concerns and clarify areas of uncertainty.
    • Review additional data gathered prior to the meeting.
    • Outline next steps in the challenge process if indicated (e.g. review by other faculty, gather additional data).
    • Outline communication plan about decision. Clerkship will communicate decision to student seven weeks after grade is posted.
    • Inform student of next steps if they are not satisfied with the outcome of the meeting.

  1. What is a grade appeal and who decides?
    • After meeting with the clerkship director, if the student still has significant concerns about their grade, the student can submit a request for grade appeal.
    • A grade appeal committee, comprised of faculty and student members, will review all materials related to the appeal (no student identifiers included) and make the final determination to retain or revise the grade (up or down) and/or relevant comments.
  2. What does the grade appeal committee discuss and determine?
    • Adequacy of grading process.
    • Adequacy of data used to determine grade/medical student performance evaluation (MSPE) comments.
    • Adequacy of fact finding process and documentation.
    • Optional interview of student or clerkship director for clarification.
  3. How do I submit a grade appeal?
    • Complete the Clinical Grade Appeal Form and submit to
    • The grade appeal must be submitted within eight weeks after grade submission. This allows the grade appeal committee four weeks to meet and decide the student’s grade appeal.
    • Grade challenge process must be completed within twelve weeks after the grade submission.


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