UWSOM-Administered Volunteer Opportunities

For more information on any of these projects, contact somserve@uw.edu.
(Seattle) Farmer Frog

Farmer Frog is a non-profit that brings food from farms to food banks.  Student volunteers are acting as covid-19 site safety managers by asking volunteer food harvesters/packers screening questions and then remaining on site to monitor social distancing and mask usage

(Spokane) UWSOM COVID-19 Contact Tracing via Spokane Regional Health District

Spokane students are conducting case investigations with individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 and following up with contact tracing to determine who was exposed while the case was infectious.

(Montana) Letters of Love

Loneliness in seniors has been an ongoing epidemic and in the times of COVID-19, WWAMI students in Montana  send unidentified initial letters and paintings  to nursing homes in the Bozeman area.

(Alaska) COVID Language Task Force

Medical students are working with the South Central Area Health Education Center (AHEC), to translate COVID related health information into Tagalog, Spanish, Samoan, Hmong, Korean, and Alaskan Native languages.  Students  create visually appealing, easily digestible infographics for dissemination by AHEC and its partners.

(Idaho) Gritman Hospital Hotline Support

WWAMI medical students provide support for the Gritman COVID-19 Hotline. Gritman provides all necessary resources and strategies and training.  Students help out by providing health education to incoming callers.

(Seattle) HMC Adult Medicine and Family Medicine Telehealth Support

Medical student volunteers work with provider-identified patients to prepare them for their telehealth visit at these two Harborview Medicine Outpatient Clinics.  Students  use approved protocols to help patients set-up video conferencing software and technology.

(Seattle) Fact of the Day Project

Quick social media bite facts are created that can be posted to student social media accounts.  The goal is to reach out to student local communities and eventually proliferate these facts in other languages to a broader audience.

(Seattle) Spanish COVID19 Educational Facebook Live recording and Q&A for Casa Latina

Students are collaborating with Dr. Lorena Wright to record a facebook live event in Spanish that covers COVID health education topics.  They will then host a live Q&A session to address any questions that community members may have.

(Idaho) PPE Drive

Moscow/Pullman area hospitals are lacking in adequate PPE to fully protect their workers during COVID-19 outbreak.  Students are spearheading a community PPE drive to solicit donations of unused supplies.

(Idaho) Area Agency on Aging Outreach

In partnership with Area Agency on Aging (AAA), students contact elderly residents living in 5 major counties in northern Idaho.  Individuals are asked if they are able to access the food, medications, transportation, and general services that they need at this time.

(Seattle) HMC/Pioneer Square Mobile COVID Testing

Medical students provide support for Mobile COVID Testing of vulnerable populations in Pioneer Square in collaboration with Harborview Medical Center and the Pioneer Square Clinic.

(Alaska) Alaska Airline Surge Planning (this project will only be put into place if conditions worsen in Anchorage)

Senior AK-WWAMI students will assist with documentation and lab review under the supervision of physicians at the Alternate Care site for surge COVID patients.

(Seattle) Virtual Outreach to the Othello Community

In partnership with Mercy Housing and the Somali Health Board,  students organize and conduct Zoom educational sessions on topics beneficial to the Othello Clinic community. Specifically, students discuss how to manage stress and  chronic conditions.

(Alaska) 211 COVID19 Line

211 is a phone line operated by community resource specialists from the United Way.  Volunteers answer public questions regarding key services and resources.  Alaska WWAMI medical students respond to 211 calls regarding COVID19. United Way staff  screen initial calls and transfer all pandemic-related questions to volunteers.

(Seattle) UWSOM COVID – Home Care Kit Project 

Medical students create and deliver “home care kits” for COVID patients who are on home isolation.  Students are providing these kits to patients of UW Medicine Clinics, SeaMar, Seattle Indian Health Board and others.