5.5 Clerkship Site Approvals

Approval of Clerkship Sites for Required & Elective Rotations
Additional training sites for medical students must be developed to accommodate increased class size, new hospital affiliations, and changing patterns of healthcare delivery. Clerkship directors, departments, regional WWAMI deans, and the Office of Academic, Rural and Regional Affairs should work together to determine and meet the need for new clerkship sites. The initial responsibility for reviewing a site’s adequacy as a trial site for a required or elective rotation lies with the department. If the site is outside Seattle, the WWAMI regional clinical dean is also involved in the process. A careful review of course objectives, resources, and general acceptability should be carried out and reported as a recommendation for approval of the new clerkship site.

Ongoing monitoring and oversight of clinical training sites is the responsibility of the Associate Dean for Curriculum, Departments, Regional Clinical Deans and the Curriculum Committee.

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Gina Franco, Clinical Curriculum