Instructions May 2024

Sent: Friday, May 10, 2024 11:54 AM
To: SOM Career Advising <>
Subject: Activate by June 7th: Your Access to TexasSTAR: A National Residency Match Data Set


Today you received an email from Microsoft Power BI with the subject line, “Carmen Davis has shared Power BI Report ‘Texas STAR Dashboard 2024’ with you.” This is not a spam email, but rather your personal link to access TexasSTAR, a national data resource used to demystify the residency application process.

TexasSTAR reports contain 5 years of self-reported data from recently-matched medical students and this year includes a whole section devoted to the outcomes of Program Signaling. Using the data contained in TexasSTAR may help you better target your residency applications to programs where you are more likely to receive interviews. The data tool is built from an annual survey of 4th year students at 136+ medical schools, including UW SOM, and is administered by the UT Southwestern Medical School.

The link will expire in 29 days, so please activate right away.

  • If you try to access the link and it is expired, request a new invitation email by visiting and click “Request Access.” Enter your UW email address.

 In order to access the report:

  • Click the “Open This Report” button in the email you received from Microsoft Power BI with a subject of “Carmen Davis has shared Power BI Report ‘Texas STAR Dashboard 2024’ with you.” Check your junk/spam box if you don’t see it in your Inbox.
  • Your user account and password is linked to the UW system Net ID:, password is the same as your UW system password.
  • Your link is not transferrable to others.
  • Bookmark the link for future reference.

For tips on how to use the TexasSTAR, please review:

Career Advising is here to support you and we are happy to provide you with yet another tool in your residency application toolbox as you begin to think about the process for this coming summer.



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