MS4 Class Information – May 23, 2024

Graduates – What to know about your UW email and tech access

A message from Michael Campion, Director, Academic & Learning Technologies: Congratulations! I know you’re focused right now on Friday’s Physician’s Oath and Hooding ceremony and preparing for your residency program, but before you leave medical school behind completely, I wanted to make sure you know what to expect regarding your access to UW systems.

We have a page on our website specifically about this topic: What Happens to My UW Technology When I Graduate? Note that this page assumes that you are moving to another institution for residency. If you are in a UW-sponsored program, we’ve tried to note where your access should continue uninterrupted.

Additional information can be found on UW IT Connect. If you have any questions about how graduation will affect your access to resources, please contact us at or contact UW IT at

Update about the AAMC Graduation Questionnaire

Here is a message from Sara Kim, PhD, research professor, surgery, and associate dean for Educational Quality Improvement: It was so good see many of you in person at Hogness this week. A big shout out to many of you who committed to completing the AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges) Graduation Questionnaire.

A big thank you to the 129 of you who completed the internal survey on the spot! To reach our goal of an 80 percent response rate – 196 responses – we still need 67 more students to participate. It only takes 60 seconds!

We look forward to receiving the confirmation receipts issued by AAMC that the surveys were completed. As of yesterday morning, our school’s response rate was 65 percent with Montana and Idaho surpassing our target goal (86 percent and 87 percent, respectively). Wyoming was 70 percent (up 5 percentage points from the previous week) followed by Alaska, 68 percent, Gonzaga, 60 percent (up 10), and Seattle, 49 percent (up 3).

We will send out one last update on the response rates next week. Congratulations on your graduation; we celebrate your success!

Please participate in a study about geriatric knowledge

You are invited to participate in a multi-site educational survey assessing geriatrics knowledge and experiences in medical school. The U.S. population is aging, and it is vital that we assess geriatrics education in medical school so we can provide better age-friendly care to older adults.

This survey will take 20-30 minutes and participants will be compensated with a $35 Amazon gift card. This study is hosted by Harvard Medical School, developed in collaboration with UW Colleges Faculty Ruru Wang, M.D., and funded by Stanford’s Center on Longevity. The survey is here:

ICYMI: Here is a link to the latest newsletter for MS4s.

Have a fabulous week!