MS4 Class Information – May 2, 2024

AAMC seeks stories about your experiences

The AAMC is collecting 55-word stories from fourth-year medical students for an upcoming AAMCNews story. Graduating students are asked to submit reflections from any aspect of their medical school journey — the moment when they decided on a specialty, an interaction with a patient or professor, how they’ve changed, or what they found challenging or exciting. The deadline for submissions is May 3. You can share your story here.

ICYMI: Please evaluate Career Advising services and resources

Please take five minutes to complete the Career Advising Evaluation of Services & Resources survey. Your input helps us continue to provide comprehensive services & resources for all medical students.  

We wish you all the very best in the weeks ahead and we look forward to celebrating with many of you at Physician’s Oath & Hooding in May. 

Update: The more responses to the AAMC Graduation Questionnaire, the more chances to win prizes

Here is a message from Sara Kim, Ph.D., research professor, surgery, associate dean for Educational Quality Improvement: Thank you to all of you who helped raise the school’s response rate by 3 percentage points to 56 percent. The national rate is 67 percent. The survey link was emailed to you on Wednesday, May 1, by AAMC, The school’s goal is to reach 85 percent this year — so every single student’s voice matters to us.

We thank Alaska, at 64 percent, for boosting their response by 9 percentage points and qualifying for their first round of gift card drawings. Montana was the first cohort to reach 80 percent (up 1 percentage point this week), followed by Idaho (78 percent, up 2 percentage points) and Seattle (42 percent, up 1). Wyoming (60 percent) and Spokane (47 percent) rates remain the same as last week.


Please refer to the table below that specifies how $20 gift cards will be raffled based on the size of each campus-based cohort. We will draw names when the survey closes. It’s important that you keep the receipt issued by AAMC to receive the gift card (or you can forward it to if you would like us to keep it in case your name is drawn). 

Thank you so much for your time and input into the survey! 

  • Sara Kim, Ph.D., Research Professor, Surgery, Associate Dean for Educational Quality Improvement, 


Campus # of Gift Cards ($20) raffled if Campus Response Rates Reach 60% TOTAL # of $20 Gift Cards if Campus Response Rates Reach 85% If Campus Response Rates Reach 100%
Seattle 11 22 Any unused gift cards will be raffled to the campus cohort(s) reaching 100%
Spokane 7 14
Wyoming 2 4
Alaska 2 4
Montana 3 6
Idaho 4 8

*According to the UW policy, student employees (e.g., tutors, research assistants, hourly workers, etc.) cannot receive a gift card. If you win the raffle as a student employee, we will send alternative items of $20 value from Amazon. 

For expanded MS4s: Road to Residency newsletter arrives Friday

This is a message from Career Advising for students applying to residency in 2024. On Friday, April 26, you received your first biweekly Road to Residency Newsletter from Career Advising. This marks the kickoff of the residency application and Match season. The goal of the newsletter is to break down each part of the application and provide you with timely resources, advice and updates throughout the season so you can submit the strongest residency application possible. Along with our Applying to Residency webpage the Road to Residency newsletter is our most used resource by students applying to residency. After you receive the newsletter, it will be posted on our newsletter archive webpage so you will never miss important content.

Here is what a few graduating MS4s have to say about the Road to Residency Newsletter:

“LOVED the biweekly newsletter because it had all the information I needed in one place. It made the whole process feel less overwhelming because I could focus on a smaller list of things that I need to accomplish before I had to worry about the next steps.”

“The residency newsletter was a vital way for me to keep track of things and make sure that nothing was slipping through the cracks. The timeline/priority listings of these events/assignments were very helpful.”

Also for expanded MS4s: Opportunities outside UW Medicine

Surgical rotation: Creighton University School of Medicine is offering a First-Generation Medical Student Elective within Surgery. Read more in their flyer.

ICYMI: Here is a link to the latest newsletter for MS4s.

Have a fabulous week!