MS4 Class Information – April 11, 2024

A Message from Career Advising 

Last Friday, you received a link to the Spring Specialty & Residency Planning Survey 

All students entering Match 2025 are required to complete a short survey in April and July. We will follow up with you until we receive your response. If we don’t receive your response by April 14, we will loop in your College Mentor to contact you. 

This information is essential to the planning and advising process for your residency application and Match. Your information helps your Career Advisor, in partnership with your Specialty Career Advisor(s), know how best to support your specialty planning and residency application strategies. 

At the start of Explore & Focus (E&F), many students are undecided on their specialty, and this is normal. The role of your Spring and early Summer E&F rotations is to support your specialty decision-making process and help you prepare a strong residency application. 

The Career Advisors are here to support you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.  


Office Hours via Zoom, M-W, 12-1pm PT: 

ICYMI: Register by Friday, April 19, for the Physician’s Oath & Hooding Ceremony

The Physician’s Oath and Hooding Ceremony is the acknowledgment by the School of Medicine of the completion of your medical training. All graduates (including those who are not planning to attend) must complete the registration form so that staff can plan accordingly. Please complete the following form before 11 a.m. AK, noon PT, and 1 p.m. MT on Friday, April 19:

A message from Sara Kim, Ph.D., research professor, surgery, associate dean for Educational Quality Improvement:

Our school’s response rate on the AAMC Graduation Questionnaire is 46.4% (vs. 58% nationally). We saw a few % increase over the past week with Wyoming recording the highest increase of 5%. Please see the graph below for the regional campus response rates. To access the survey, look for an email sent on April 1 by AAMC (

Bar graph showing the progress of each WWAMI site against the national percentage of students filling out the GQ survey.

Every voice counts and we count on the generosity of your time and candid input into the survey.

We are offering exciting incentives this year towards the goal of 85% response rates! Please refer to the table below that specifies how $20 gift cards will be raffled based on the size of each campus-based cohort. We will draw names when the survey closes. It’s important that you keep the receipt issued by AAMC to receive the gift card (or you can forward it to if you would like us to keep it in case your name is drawn).

Thank you so much!


Campus # of Gift Cards ($20) raffled if Campus Response Rates Reach 60% TOTAL # of $20 Gift Cards if Campus Response Rates Reach 85% If Campus Response Rates Reach 100%
Seattle 11 22 Any unused gift cards will be raffled to the campus cohort(s) reaching 100%
Spokane 7 14
Wyoming 2 4
Alaska 2 4
Montana 3 6
Idaho 4 8

*According to the UW policy, student employees (e.g., tutors, research assistants, hourly workers, etc.) cannot receive a gift card. If you win the raffle as a student employee, we will send alternative items of $20 value from Amazon. 

Expanded MS4s, please take the Specialty & Residency Planning Survey

MS3s and Expanded MS4s, this Friday, April 5, you will receive an email from with the subject line, Response Needed: Specialty & Residency Planning Survey for Match 2025 – Due April 16.

The email contains a Qualtrics survey link and is a trustworthy email.

Because Qualtrics is new to us, the email will say “from an untrusted sender” — but this is a trustworthy link for a required survey. This is what the warning looks like. But please do take the survey.

screenshot of an untrusted sender alert

If you have any questions, please contact

Survey request about pathology

The College of American Pathologists is conducting a 10-minute survey to evaluate medical student interest in pathology. They want to hear from all students who will graduate this spring regardless of your intended medical specialty. Use this link to access detailed information about the study and begin the survey:

In case you missed it, here is the previous newsletter for MS4s.

Have a wonderful week!