Gold Humanism Society information March 2024

MS3s, it is time to nominate and elect a new class of student, resident, and faculty members for the UW chapter of Gold Humanism Honor Society for the 2024-2025 academic year.

What is Gold Humanism Honor Society (GHHS)?

GHHS is a national honor society that recognizes students, residents, and faculty who exemplify humanism in medicine and have a commitment to service as an everyday practice. Members are seen to be role models, mentors, and leaders in medicine. It is considered a great honor to be inducted into GHHS as its members are peer-nominated and are the ones whom others say they want taking care of their own family. The benefits of GHHS membership include resources to promote humanistic care in their community, international recognition for humanistic achievement, networking and mentorship opportunities, and special recognition on the ERAS residency application form.

*Academic performance is not considered for eligibility or membership.


About the UW Chapter

At UW, the GHHS chapter is an active chapter responsible for a variety of projects, including No One Dies Alone, the Transition to Residency Story Slam event, the Imposter Syndrome project, peer mentorship, and more.

How many people will be elected?

The national GHHS organization allows for up to 6 residents, 4 faculty, and 15% of the graduating class to be elected to the chapter per year. The election for student members is a blinded process, so no names are revealed during the election process to reduce bias. The chapter strives to recruit a diverse group of individuals who accurately and proportionally represent the class and the WWAMI community, so they are aware of other metrics, such as Foundations site, during the deliberation process. Once the election is concluded, names are revealed. Elected members will be contacted in May.


Which students are eligible to be elected?

According to the national GHHS organization, students are eligible for consideration when they are entering their final year of medical school. Students can be considered for membership only one time while a student – they can be considered again later on as a resident or a faculty.


In order to be considered for membership, eligible students must:

  • Be entering their final year of medical school
  • Not have been considered for membership in a previous year
  • Be nominated by peers (see below)
  • Be invited to fill out an application following the nomination process (students will be contacted directly by the GHHS selection committee)
  • Submit all application materials on time for consideration by the UW GHHS chapter



How are students nominated?

The first step in the process is peer nomination. You can nominate students from any Foundations site, not just your own. The chapter strives to have members representing all WWAMI sites. If you are from a smaller cohort, it is very important to nominate!

  • Good candidates include students who are considered humanistic exemplars in the practice of medicine and demonstrate utmost professionalism.
  • Because the focus of this organization is based on humanism, the national organization frowns on students soliciting nominations.
  • Self-nominations are not considered and will be removed.


Link to Peer Nomination Form:

Nominations must be submitted before 11:45pm Pacific Time on Sunday, April 7.


*If you are an expanded MS4 and you were not previously considered for election (i.e. you expanded before last year’s process began), we have already obtained nominations for you from your previous class. If you do not see your name in the nomination list, don’t worry – we have data from the cohort with whom you were doing clerkships.


How are residents and faculty nominated?

Current students can nominate residents and faculty whom you think are humanistic exemplars through the following nomination form:

Nominations must be submitted before 11:45pm Pacific Time on Sunday, April 7.


If you have any questions about the honor society or our UWSOM chapter, please do not hesitate to contact any of our chapter co-presidents: Colby Weil-Lonigan (, Mariah Oakes (, Sarah Anderson (, and Jenny Sheasley ( or Dr. Jill Watanabe, UW Chapter Advisor (


Action Items

  1. Nominate your peers:
  2. Nominate residents and faculty:


All nominations must be submitted by 11:45pm PT on Sunday, April 7



We look forward to reviewing your nominations and welcoming the next class of GHHS members!

-The GHHS Selection Committee