Full post about mentorship survey March 2024

Here is the full email for students who received the mentorship survey:

Greetings, wonderful UW SOM students across WWAMI,

You should have received a short evaluation survey from e*Value (via email) this week that focuses on mentorship (not on teaching) from your assigned College faculty mentor. 

This annual evaluation is hugely valuable to our Colleges program and your College mentor – we aim to recognize best practices in student coaching / support / mentorship and provide additional support and targeted development where needed.  Thank you in advance for filling these out!

If you are interested in knowing the details of how the information flows, see the bottom of this email. Please free to reach out to any of us directly with questions or concerns.

With respect,

Dr. Molly B. Jackson – Assistant Dean for the Colleges (blackley@uw.edu)

Dr. Dana Govaerts – Wyoming Wind River College Head

Dr. Matt Hollon – Spokane Selkirk College Head

Dr. Dan Yang – Spokane Palouse College Head

Dr. Breana Taylor – Seattle Cascade College Head

Dr. Tomoko Sairenji – Seattle Olympic College Head

Dr. Andrea Caballero – Alaska Denali College Head

Dr. Zach Meyers – Montana Big Sky College Head

Dr. Dustin Worth – Idaho Snake River College Head


We want you to feel comfortable being honest and constructive. Here’s how data from the College mentor ‘mentorship survey’ will flow:

  • Your evaluation of your College mentor will initially go to your College Head, not directly to your College mentor.
    • IF your mentor IS the College Head at your site, your evaluation of your mentor will come to Molly Jackson, the Assistant Dean, not to your mentor. If your mentor is Molly Jackson, your evaluation will go to Dr. Suzanne Allen and not Dr. Jackson. 
    • Kudos and constructive comments (without any student names attached) will be shared with the College mentor by the College Head or Assistant Dean this summer, as part of their annual review (bundled with all data from all of their students across other years). We include FCM teaching evaluations, feedback from staff, and other data as part of this annual process, too.
    • If there are more concerning comments, the College Head (or Dean) may reach out directly to you to listen and learn more, and to partner to discuss how/when to best communicate the concern to the faculty member (so that students are positioned for safety in these longitudinal relationships). All comments are retained and tracked over time.
  • Themes are used to guide faculty development and improvements at individual regional sites and/or across our program
  • Please don’t hesitate to email Dr. Molly B. Jackson (blackley@uw.edu) or your local College Head if you have questions about this process