EDI event funding

2023-2024 One-Time UWSOM Medical Student EDI Event Funding Request Form

 The Office of Student Affairs is offering one-time funding to supplement programs or events taking place from mid-March through mid-June 2024 that are related to equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) efforts directly impacting UWSOM medical students (including the WWAMI region).EligibilityEDI funds are reserved for any UWSOM Registered Student Organizations (includes groups who are registered through a WWAMI partner university or group established after September 2023 that has been waiting to become registered by UW Office of Student Life). Funding proposals can be made for either a WWAMI-wide EDI event or region-specific EDI event. Funds should be used to benefit a diverse cross-section of medical students (faculty, residents and alumni can also participate in the proposed event).Priority will go to events that:

  • Are organized, lead, and/or attended primarily by medical students
  • Offered in a hybrid, synchronous format where both in-person and virtual students can attend in real-time
  • Have a target audience or content focused on culturally, educationally, environmentally or economically underrepresented / under-resourced communities
  • Have a past record of good participation/attendance of medical students
  • Are presumed to benefit medical students by advancing EDI efforts at UWSOM (including the WWAMI region) even if it does not fit any of the above criteria

A maximum of $500 will be awarded for a funding request proposal. Application ProcessThe Medical Student Equity Services team will be accepting applications on a rolling basis until further notice. Please allow up to 2 weeks for your application to be approved.  

To apply: https://forms.office.com/r/CYNv31J5t1 For an application to be considered complete, the online EDI Event Funding Request Form must be submitted, including all requested information about budget and funding already received.An RSO that is approved for a funding proposal will be expected to work with the Medical Student Equity Services team to promote the event, follow appropriate financial and event planning procedures of the unviersity, and acknowledge financial support was supported by the Office of Student Affairs in marketing materials.  If you have any questions or concerns, especially issues accessing the Microsoft Form, please email Michele Nucci, MPH, Operations Specialist, Medical Student Equity Services, at somequity@uw.edu.