MS1 Class Information – March 7, 2024

Consider applying for the Underserved Pathway

Are you passionate about healthcare for under-resourced and marginalized patients? Interested in learning more about how you can be a physician advocate for our most vulnerable neighbors? Want to connect with like-minded students and healthcare providers? Looking for an extra spark of awesomeness to put in your MSPE when you apply to residency?

Through the Underserved Pathway, you can:

  • Expand your knowledge about rural and urban under-resourced, marginalized, and historically excluded populations and the challenges they face in obtaining high-quality care
  • Learn ways you can support your patients and advocate for them both inside and outside the clinic
  • Connect with like-minded students, faculty, and non-UW docs that are committed to providing care in communities that are underserved

Other benefits include:

  • Guidance and support from an Underserved Pathway mentor until you graduate
  • Dedicated Underserved Pathway advisors, including faculty physicians and staff
  • Ability to highlight your participation in the UP in your MSPE upon completion of UP MSPE deadline requirements
  • Recognition at graduation ceremonies and Certificate of Completion upon completion of UP requirements

Apply here. The team encourages students to apply as soon as possible to get the maximum benefit from the Pathway and to start on learning modules before clerkships! We recommend applying before the end of Foundations. The final deadline is July 1 between a student’s MS2 and MS3 years. Learn more on the program website here.

ICYMI: Explore specialties though this AAMC webinar

The AAMC Virtual Specialty Forum, hosted by its Careers in Medicine (CiM) program, is Thursday, March 28, 2024. The three-hour session starts at 9 a.m. AK, 10 a.m. PT, 11 a.m. MT.

For: First- and second-year medical students early in their specialty exploration.

Cost: Free!

Participating specialties: Allergy and immunology, anesthesiology, emergency medicine, family medicine, general surgery, hematology, hospice and palliative medicine, infectious disease, internal medicine, internal medicine-pediatrics, medical genetics, neurological surgery, neurology, neuro-ophthalmology, obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmology, orthopaedic surgery, otolaryngology, pathology, pediatrics, physical medicine and rehabilitation, preventive medicine, psychiatry, radiology and urology.

Event description: This annual event works to provide equitable access to specialty exposure, where medical students can view resources, chat with residents, specialty representatives, and AAMC staff and attend a live presentation and Q&A with physicians about their specialty choice.

Information and recordings will be offered to students unable to attend during the scheduled time. Register now for this great opportunity to learn about specialties.

Radiology oncology opportunity

From time to time, we share opportunities outside of UW Medicine: The American Society for Radiation Oncology is sponsoring a Q&A at 4 p.m. AK, 5 p.m. PT, 6 p.m. MT on Tuesday, March 12. Learn more on their website about the ASTRO Medical Student Q&A.

Tip of the Month” from the Career Advising Student Advisory Board

Editor’s note: We expect a new Tip of the Month next week.

Cardiovascular System (CVS) can be a demanding block. This month’s tip is to remember that all the physicians teaching and mentoring you at this stage are possible resources — even beyond the classroom. Get to know your small group leads. You can always ask them about what their specialty is like and how they decided on a specialty when they were in your shoes!

  • Reviewed by Career Advising Student Advisory BIPOC board member L’Oreal Kennedy. Originally written by BIPOC alum Shanelle Briggs, M.D.

In case you missed it, here is a link to the previous newsletter for MS1s.

Have a wonderful week!