More information about the GQ survey

Dear Graduating Class of 2024,

On Tuesday, February 14th, you received a personalized email from the Association of American Medical Colleges with a link to complete the AAMC’s Graduation Questionnaire (also known as the GQ). The GQ is a national questionnaire administered annually to graduating students at all accredited medical schools. We are writing to encourage you to take about 30 mins of your time to complete this important survey.

What is the GQ and how is the data used?

The GQ is YOUR opportunity to let us know about your experiences during medical school. We use your voice to better serve the needs of the future classes. Examples of using the GQ data for improving the quality of student experiences include promoting a respectful learning environment, expanding career advising services, and sustaining excellence in the curriculum. The annual GQ report the AAMC provides compares the UWSOM’s data with national benchmarks. The data serve an important role in demonstrating compliance with the accreditation standards.

How can I be oriented to the survey questions?

In order to help you place the GQ survey items in the larger context of our complex medical education system, we created a glossary that provides the following content:

  • UWSOM Curriculum Terms Related to Basic Science Education & Medical Education Experiences
  • Key Administrative Leaders and Staff
  • Faculty Mentors
  • Learning Environment Reporting: How to report mistreatment experiences, clarification of public humiliation vs. embarrassment
  • Student Services (academic counseling, career services, financial aid counseling)
  • Student Health
  • Disability and Accommodations

When should I complete the survey?

You are welcome to complete the survey at any time between February 14th and June 9th. If you plan to attend the AAMC senior exit loan sessions, please hold off completing the survey until we confirm the webinar dates.

In case you’re completing the survey over multiple occasions, please make sure to save the code the AAMC issues for returning to the survey. The code you receive is unique to you.

Will there be incentives for completing the survey?

Yes. The Educational Quality Improvement Unit will communicate in future emails and newsletters details about survey incentives.

Our goal is to have an 85% response rate this year. This level of completion assures that your voice has been heard as we continue to make improvements in educational programs and student support services at UWSOM for all students. Thank you for your help in this effort.