Nominate residents and faculty for AOA membership

Please help the UW Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA) chapter identify residents, fellows, faculty and UWSOM alumni for consideration to join AOA. Every year, the chapter can elect a number of practicing physicians to AOA membership.

Good candidates for consideration are individuals who demonstrate continued academic and professional achievement, leadership, professionalism, service, teaching, and/or research. Additional criteria for each of the categories (residents, faculty, etc) are included in the nomination survey.

The survey will also ask you to nominate a community physician, who is not on the full-time UWSOM faculty — so this includes WWAMI faculty — who effectively and generously donate their time, skills, and experiences to teach you clinical skills and contribute to your education and training in the clinical setting.

Volunteer clinical faculty members are often inadequately appreciated and rarely recognized. Alpha Omega Alpha’s Volunteer Clinical Faculty Award is presented annually to recognize a community physician who contributes with distinction to the education and training of clinical students. Nominees need not be members of AOA, nor does the award automatically give the recipient AOA membership.

Submit your nominations via the following link by 11 a.m. AK, noon PT, 1 p.,m. MT on Friday, March 1:

First, please check if the person is already a member

IMPORTANT: AOA membership is lifelong, so please check to make sure your nominee is not already an AOA member. If you nominate someone who is already a member, your nomination/comments will be disregarded, and we hewre at the school would prefer that you don’t waste your time nominating someone who is already in AOA.

To check your nominee’s AOA status:

  1. Go to
  2. Type in the physician’s full and/or last name, select “All Members” and click “Search”
    1. Note: some people may have changed their names since being elected/last updating their profile
  3. If they appear on the website (regardless of active status), they are an AOA member

screenshot of how the AOA membership listing looks on the website