MS4 Class Information – March 2, 2023

A message from the Registrar: Are you on track to graduate?

To check that you’ve met all graduation requirements use the Graduation Audit Report (GAR) at

For questions – or if something doesn’t look right to you – contact

A message from the counseling and wellness team for graduating MS4s

UWSOM Student Wellness & Counseling Service has prepared a message for students who are experiencing stress during the time leading up to Match Day. Everyone knows this is a challenging time.

There are thoughts and resources about how to take care of yourself as you wait for Match Day.  You can read the full message here.

Please pay it forward: Please take the Program Interviews Survey 2023 

A message from Career Advising: Students regularly ask us for UWSOM data, and many of you told us how much you benefited from the 2017-2020 UWSOM Interviews & Match specialty data we shared with you when you were creating your program lists.

The  Program Interviews Survey is our internal UWSOM resource for UWSOM Interviews & Match data (as seen at right). By completing the Program Interviews Survey, you’ll be helping future students identify which programs they might want to apply and strengthen UWSOM data to provide evidence-based, specialty-specific advising for future students.

The deadline to take the survey is April 30. Take the survey here.

NOTE: This survey is optional and the data will only be shared in aggregate without student identifiers. If there are only one to two students in a specialty and for all smaller specialties, we aggregate the data across five or more years to ensure anonymity.

An update about the GQ Survey

This is a message from Sara Kim, Ph.D., associate dean for Educational Quality Improvement: I am so pleased to share with you the status of our school’s AAMC Graduation Questionnaire response rate. Building on the strong initial response rate, we are now at 20 percent, which is comparable to the national average of 21 percent (see graph below).

What’s noteworthy is that Alaska and Wyoming classes have already exceeded the 30 percent mark (36 and 31 percent, respectively), followed by Montana (29 percent) and Idaho (22 percent). Our largest classes are also off a good start (Seattle and Spokane are at 15 percent). Thank you everyone for these early milestones. For those who haven’t had a chance to complete the survey, thank you in advance for your time and candid feedback.

  • 1 Amazon Kindle ($100 worth)
  • 2 Amazon Fire Tablets ($60)
  • 3 Portable Chargers ($50)
  • 2 Wireless Earbuds ($50)
  • 1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker ($20)
  • 1 USB Charging Station ($20)

I look forward to sharing next week’s response rates!


In case you missed it, here is the previous newsletter for MS4s.


Have a great week!