MS4 Class Information – Jan. 12, 2023

A reminder about documenting clinical encounters

As a reminder, all students currently in their Patient Care or Explore & Focus phases will be required to log all required clinical encounters lists for their required Patient Care and Explore and Focus clerkships in eValue. Please remember to log your clinical encounters under the “UWA, .Clinical Encounters”  program in eValue. You will not be logging under the department you have your rotation in. The “UWA, .Clinical Encounters”  program should be listed at the top when you log into eValue:

Information and instructions on how to log your clinical encounters for your Patient Care and Explore and Focus Required Clerkships in eValue can be found on this site: []

Please remember that while you may encounter a diagnosis on the list multiple times throughout your clerkship, you only need to log ONE instance for each diagnosis. Additionally, you can log multiple encounters for one patient if they have multiple diagnoses on the list.

Please make sure when you are logging an encounter that you are recording only requirements for the clerkships you are currently participating in. Please do not log other department’s diagnoses under the current clerkship you are enrolled for. Please watch the video on our site for further clarification.

Encounters should be logged by the last day of your clerkship. Feel free to reach out to if you have any questions.

ICYMI Deadline is Jan. 15 to comply with background check requirements

If you will be graduating in 2023, please complete the criminal background check (CBC) requirement. Per the Student Handbook, students must complete a CBC in January prior to graduation, regardless of the completion date of the previous criminal background check.

If you are not graduating in 2023, but your CBC is expiring in January, you will also need to complete a CBC at this time. You can follow the instructions below. We will also send you a separate notification.

DEADLINE: Jan. 15, 2023

There are two components to CBC compliance:

❶ Completethe UW Self Disclosure, Consent and Release of Information Form – Matriculated Students using your UW Student ID number as your signature. Please make sure you have the correct student ID number. This link will take you to the form.

❷Instructions for renewing background checks through CastleBranch:

  1. Paste the following link into your browser:

  1. Select: University of Washington School of Medicine
  2. Select UW71bg: I need to order my Background Check
  3. Use the same email address for your username that you used to create your immunizations account. Review the next 2 pages and click “next” and “continue”
  4. Place your order by entering your personal information and personal identifiers. When you are placing your order, on the screen that says, “Statewide Criminal WA,” the only state you can select is Washington

Statewide Criminal WA is required by Washington State law for all healthcare workers. So even if you live in another state, because you are a UW student, the search needs to be done.

  1. Follow the instructions on the myCB web site. The email address you use when placing your order will become our username for myCB. Access your myCB anytime to view order status and completed results. The SOM will have access to view your completed CBC report from a separate web portal.

If you have technical issues with the myCB site, please contact myCB Service Desk via phone, chat or email: 1-888-914-7279,

7. You will be asked to authorize a $48.50 charge to your debit or credit cardDo not pay for anything extra! The $48.50 flat fee includes all aliases and addresses. International address searches are not required. If you are charged more, please email Laura Ellis.

  1. Addresses and Aliases: You will be asked to list your current address. The residence history search will find all prior addresses. Likewise, you will be asked to enter your current name. The SSN search will find all previous names.
  2. You are also required to submit the UW Self Disclosure, Consent and Release of Information Form – Matriculated Students as mentioned in step 1 above.


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