Many thanks to the search committee for the Associate Dean for Student Affairs

This is a message from Suzanne Allen, M.D., M.P.H, Vice Dean for Academic, Rural and Regional Affairs:

Thank you to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs search committee for their time and diligence in conducting the search over the last year and a half. The committee was co-chaired by Darryl Potyk and Anne Browning with Michelle Fleming providing support to the search committee.  The group met regularly during this nationwide search that included a wide field of candidates. The committee members include:

  • Mary Barinaga, M.D., Assistant Clinical Dean, Idaho
  • Anne Browning, Ph.D., M.A., Assistant Dean for Well-Being, Seattle
  • Janelle Clauser, M.D., Assistant Foundations Dean, Spokane
  • Ali Darvish, Program Operations, Academic, Rural and Regional Affairs
  • Sophia Deklotz, MS3, Idaho
  • Betka Douglas, MS3, Seattle
  • Michelle Fleming, Program Operations, Office of Rural Programs
  • Melinda Frank, Learning Environment Director, Office of Student Affairs
  • Molly Jackson, M.D., Assistant Dean, Colleges
  • Cliff Kelly, M.S., Medical Student Counselor, Office of Student Affairs
  • Sheva Mozafari, MS2, Idaho
  • Hans Munzig, MS3, Montana
  • Darryl Potyk, M.D., Associate Dean, Spokane
  • Martin Teintze, Ph.D., Assistant Foundations Dean, Montana
  • Sarah Wood, Student Affairs Director, Office of Student Affairs
  • Bessie Young, M.D., M.P.H., Vice Dean for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Thank you to the search committee and the multiple other faculty, staff and students who participated in the search process.