MS2 Class Information – Aug. 18, 2022

No updates for MS2s this week.

Career Advising Student Advisory Board Tip of the Month 

If you’re still exploring specialties, consider setting up shadowing or research (even short case reports) within specialties you might like. Step 1 dedicated and clinical rotations come quickly, and you won’t have much time for these things once they start. Use your AAMC CIM interest assessment as a launch for shadowing especially if you are interested in specialties outside the third-year core clerkships.

  • Reviewed by Career Advising Student Advisory BIPOC board member L’Oreal Kennedy. Originally written by BIPOC alum Shanelle Briggs.

In case you missed it:

Here is a link to the Aug. 11, 2022 Weekly Student Newsletter information for MS2s.

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