MS1 Class Information – June 30, 2022


We’re looking forward to your official start at the UW School of Medicine in July! You will receive this e-newsletter every Thursday by end-of-day to help summarize what’s going on in your class and to share important news and information you need to know. We always welcome your suggestions for these communications at 

Pre-orientation items

This is a reminder to complete all of your pre-orientation checklist items prior to starting orientation at your Foundations site.

E22 Biographical and Career Preference Longitudinal Survey: In addition, you should have received a link from to complete a survey called the E22 Biographical and Career Preference Longitudinal Survey that will require approximately 25 to 30 minutes to complete.

The intent of the survey is to collect baseline data pertinent to the assessment of the School of Medicine’s curriculum and the School of Medicine’s mission within the WWAMI region. The data may also be used to suggest curricular augmentations and provision of ancillary support services.

Your responses to each of the inventories will be treated as confidential data, with aggregate data returned to the Dean’s Office and your class officers. Personally identifiable information will NOT be provided to either faculty members or administrators within the School of Medicine. While your participation in this data collection is entirely voluntary, it is very desirable that each of you completes each item, within each of the questionnaires. However, you may choose not to respond to any item, series of items, or either questionnaire.

Technology Orientation Canvas Page

As you get ready to start the school year in the coming weeks, UWSOM wants to make sure that you have the technology you need, as well as an orientation to the different software and systems you’ll need to use. In the time before you start Orientation at your Foundations site, we’re asking you to spend three to four hours going through required materials on our Technology Orientation Canvas site. Then, during Orientation, you’ll have a Zoom-based breakout session with one of our staff to make sure you have everything set up correctly and to give you a chance to ask questions.

All of the details and assignments can be found in our Canvas course: Summer 2022 Technology Orientation

Please make sure you’re seeing listserv emails

Please make sure that you are seeing email in your UW inbox from the student listservs. You can find listserv traffic easily by putting the name of the listserv into your Outlook search bar. Here’s an example of what that could look like:


These are the first-year listservs: 

  • Medyr1ad (All MS1 students) 
  • Md1seattle (MS1 students in Seattle)
  • Md1msu (Montana) 
  • Md1spn (Spokane) 
  • Md1uaa (Alaska) 
  • Md1uwy (Wyoming) 
  • Md1uid (Idaho) 

The above addresses are for official announcements related to classes, etc. For other discussions, such as activities, please use these listservs. You can also opt out of receiving them, if you wish: 

  • Md1aux (All MS1 students)
  • Md1auxsea (MS1 students in Seattle)

Are you wondering if you missed anything? You can look up the archive of the main listserv through this URL:

If you don’t seem to be getting listserv traffic, please email In most cases, people find the email by performing the search above. But we’re glad to check and make sure you’re subscribed.

Apply for testing/classroom accommodations now, if applicable 

If you need testing and/or other accommodations for medical school, contact the UW Disability Resources for Students (DRS) office now. All accommodations are processed through UW DRS, irrespective of your Foundations site. The accommodations application, review and approval process takes four to six weeks before accommodations can be implemented by the UW School of Medicine. Contact UW DRS as soon as possible to begin this process.  

Have a great week!