MS3 Class Information – May 19, 2022

Thanks for filling out the survey that arrived this week

You could win up to $50 worth of items

This is a message from Sara Kim, Associate Dean for Educational Quality Improvement: I am writing to share with you that the school will be launching the End-of-Patient Care Phase survey this week to students who will be completing the OSCEs. This survey covers the broad topics encompassing curriculum, learning environment, student mistreatment and student services.

Your feedback serves an important function towards the school’s continuous quality improvement of the educational program. In particular, your input will contribute this to the status reports to the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) accrediting agency that cover the following topics:

• Your retrospective input into the Triple I experience
• Your retrospective input into the Foundations Phase campus facilities
• Quality of academic advising
• Guidance on accessing healthcare services during clinical training

A survey link was and will be emailed to you from every Tuesday beginning May 17.

We’ve had 75 students complete the survey already; thank you so much for that.

Your email address will only be used for tracking purposes and will not be linked to your responses when analyzing the data. The school’s goal for the survey response rate is 80 percent.

This year, we are offering the following incentives for completing the survey:
• Two $50 items you select from Amazon
• Twelve $25 items you select from Amazon
• Three $50-value WWAMI gift packs

I will provide an update on the survey response rates every week.

Thank you in advance for your time and thoughtful input into the survey.

ICYMI: ERAS components timeline

Last Friday’s Residency Planning Newsletter detailed each application component and included the timeline below based on the ERAS deadline. If you haven’t already, be sure to read that newsletter (as well as all past editions) on the newsletter archive webpage.

NOTE: This timeline is specific to ERAS as that is the only system to have released their 2023 timeline. If you are applying in the military match or the SF Match, San Francisco matching program, you can use this timeline as a reference but plan to work on these components one month earlier than detailed below.


Career Advising Student Advisory Board – Tip of the Month

Congrats on finishing third-year rotations! After Step 2, many of you will do a rotation in the field you wish to enter. Now is the time to meet or check in with your Specialty Career Advisor/s! Get on their radar as the new application cycle begins and ask for rotation tips (e.g., who to work with and get letters from).

  • Written by Career Advising Student Advisory Board member, Shanelle Briggs, and reviewed by a second BIPOC Board member, L’Oreal Kennedy.


In case you missed it:

Here is a link to the May 12, 2022 Student Newsletter information for MS3s.