Public Feedback Requested: Proposal for a Washington State Health Insurance Plan for all state residents, regardless of immigration status

The Washington State Health Exchange is exploring healthcare coverage options for Washington residents who do not currently qualify for state/federal programs. The Exchange is seeking a federal “1332 waiver” which, if approved, would provide access to federally non-subsidized health and dental coverage to all Washington residents starting in plan year 2024.

The Exchange says it would like feedback from the public regarding their current plan between now and May 2. You can provide comments via the following methods:

  • Attend a virtual public comment meeting (held via Teams):
  • Email
    • Please include “Public Comment” in the subject line of your email.
    • Written comments will be included in full in the Final Section 1332 Waiver Application that is submitted

To learn more about the plan, the 1332 waiver, and the Cascade Care Savings program that would be affiliated with this initiative, please see the links below: