MS2 Class Information – March 17, 2022

You can win a prize worth up to $50 as you take the Foundations End-of-Phase Survey

As mentioned in the Transition to Clerkship session, the Educational Quality Improvement team has emailed you a link for completing the Foundations End-of-Phase survey.

“I thank the 42 students who took the time to complete the survey. The survey serves an important purpose for both the medical school’s continuous quality improvement initiatives and accreditation,” said Sara Kim, Associate Dean for Educational Quality Improvement.

Please know that your email address is only used to track who has responded for sending reminders and incentives. Your responses remain anonymous.

This year, we are offering the following incentives for completing the survey:

  • Two $50 items you select from Amazon
  • Twelve $25 items you select from Amazon
  • Three $50-value WWAMI gift packs

Beginning next week, we will update you on a weekly basis the response rates by campus.


In case you missed it:

Here is a link to the March 10, 2022 Student Newsletter content for MS2s.