MS1 Class Information – March 17, 2022

Academic Support Introduction to Step 1 Presentation

Academic Support would like to invite you to attend a talk about the USMLE Step 1 Exam. See below for more details:

Topic: Introduction to Step 1

Time: Mar 22, 2022 – 4 p.m. AK, 5 p.m. PT, 6 p.m. MT

Zoom link:

The talk will include information on:

  • UWSOM Curriculum Timeline
  • UWSOM Exams (CAS & CBSE)
  • USMLE Exams (Step 1, 2 & 3)
  • Step 1 (Content & Timing)
  • Preparation for Step 1 (Study plans, Study Resources)
  • Academic Support & Tutoring Services

The presentation will be recorded and available on the Academic Support website for those who cannot attend.

Seattle Academic Support Team, Dr. Yvonne Tyler & Dr. Erica Brice


Career Advising Student Advisory Board – Tip of the Month

If you haven’t met with your Career Advisor yet, get your meeting scheduled between now and May at a time that works with your schedule! Your Career Advisor can talk with you about your specialty interests including the timing of when you’ll get connected with Specialty Advisors. Read the Extracurriculars section of the Specialty Guides for two specialties of interest to you.

Written by Career Advising Student Advisory Board member Shanelle Briggs and reviewed by a second BIPOC Board member, L’Oreal Kennedy.

In case you missed it: Here is a link to the March 10, 2022 Student Newsletter Information for MS1s.