Learning Environment Corner: Honor someone with a WWAMI Pro recognition

Are you working and/or interfacing with individuals in your classroom, clinical, or other learning experiences that are making a positive contribution to your education? If so, submit a WWAMI Pro recognition!

WWAMI Pro is a medical student-driven recognition program that aims to empower students to recognize moments when people in your educational environment have made a difference in your learning experience and/or displayed core values, such as inclusion, respect, altruism, accountability, compassion, integrity and excellence.

Recognition can be directed at any contributor to your learning environment, including front office staff who go the extra mile to get you settled at a new clinic, administrators that help with endless onboarding paperwork with a smile, community physicians who are tireless in their service, residents/fellows, researchers, environmental service staff, security guards, pharmacists, nurses, PA or NPs, staff, etc. The individual recognized can be at any regional site, a community clinic, your research lab, at an academic hospital, within the SOM – anywhere you are learning.

Here are some examples of prior submissions (shared with student permission):

  • “She is one of the most intuitive and empathetic doctors I’ve worked with during medical school. During difficult conversations with patients, she remembers that patients are people first and takes time to acknowledge what they’re going through before talking about the medical issues. I learned immensely from the example she set in how she cares for her patients.”
  • “Her love for teaching is almost tangible when she answers questions. She is very thoughtful and thorough not only with her patients but with her students and staff. She constantly provided me with new learning experiences and helped empower me to feel comfortable in a role that felt very foreign in the beginning of the semester.”
  • “He went above and beyond in accommodating our learning during the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic by creating numerous resources for our online learning and went out of his way to advocate and ensure that we still had a positive learning experience in such a precarious time. Not only that, but he made changes using our feedback to improve the online course as the pandemic continued.”
  • “She has respect for every single individual at the hospital – from her fellow doctors to the students she mentors to the custodial staff working hard to keep the hospitals clean for us.”

pin showing the five states in outlineEvery individual recognized by you or one of your student colleagues will receive by mail a lapel pin (with outline of the WWAMI states) and a letter of appreciation from Drs. Paul Ramsey and Suzanne Allen, and the UW Medicine CPI Committee recognizing their contribution to the UW student experience. Only UW medical students can submit a recognition.

Additional information regarding WWAMI Pro (and the link to the online form to submit a recognition) may be found at: http://depts.washington.edu/wwamipro.

Thank you for taking the time to recognize those who make a meaningful difference for students at our medical school!

The list below highlights the most recent individuals from across the WWAMI region who were nominated by students to receive WWAMI Pro recognitions.

WWAMI Pro Honorees, May 2020 – January 2022:

Dr. Rachel Chapman, Seattle, WA

Dr. Ryan Day, Medical Student, E17 (2021 graduate), Boise, ID

Dr. Anne Erickson, Seattle, WA

Dr. Ralph Ermoian, Seattle, WA

Dr. Zach Gallaher, Spokane, WA *(2)

Dr. Yvette Haeberle, Laramie, WY

Mr. David Hudock, PA-C, Seattle, WA

Dr.  Margaret Isaac, Seattle, WA

Dr. John Kang, Seattle, WA

Mr. Joshua Kosanke, Financial Aid Counselor, Seattle, WA

Dr. Alex Legocki, Seattle, WA

Dr. Jay Liao, Seattle, WA

Ms. Janice Lorenzana, Medical Assistant, Seattle, WA

Dr. Sreejayan Nair, Laramie, WY

Ms. Naomi Nkinsi, Medical Student, E18, Seattle, WA

Dr. Daiva Olipra, Laramie, WY

Dr. Elena Pellicer, Seattle, WA

Mr. Jake Robertson, Medical Student, E18, Boise, ID

Dr. Michi Shinohara, Seattle, WA

Dr. Michael Stephens, Spokane, WA

Dr. Elinor Sveum, Seattle, WA

Ms. Allegra Vanderwilde, E20, Spokane, WA

Dr. Kathy Young, Anchorage, AK


*Denotes the number of awards the honoree received for this recognition period.