MS4 – Class Information Jan. 27, 2022

Rank Order information

For MS4s applying in Match 2022

The recording from Wednesday’s Rank Order Q&A session may now be accessed. Please see this PDF of the Rank List Presentation.

With NRMP ranking opening on February 1, it is time to focus on your rank order lists.

We recommend starting by reading our Creating Your Rank Order List webpage and reviewing these resources to understand ranking:

  1. NRMP Ranking Residency Programs website
  2. NRMP How the Match Algorithm Works Video Tutorial
  3. NRMP Entering and Certifying a Rank Order List Support Guide
  4. For advice about creating your rank order list, read the Creating Your Rank Order List webpage

 Submitting Rank Lists for Prelim/Advanced Programs
If you applied to preliminary programs, you will also create a supplemental list where you rank preliminary programs (only) and sync them to a specific advanced program listed on your primary ROL. There is detailed information on our Creating Your Rank Order List webpage about supplemental lists.

Submitting Rank Lists for Couples Match
If you are applying in the Couples Match, be sure to review our Couples Match webpage as well as our Creating Your Rank Order List webpage, which contains detailed information and other NRMP resources. If you are participating in the Couples Match, you are strongly encouraged to meet with Career Advising to review your rank order list.

For any ranking questions, meet with Career Advising or your Specialty Career Advisor.


Winter Quarter 2022 MS4 Class Meeting Save the Date

We will be holding the Winter Quarter 2022 WWAMI-wide class meeting with the MS4s on Thursday, March 3.

  • Mountain Time: 7:00-8:00 pm
  • Pacific Time: 6:00-7:00 pm
  • Alaska Time: 5:00-6:00 pm

An email will be sent out with the Zoom information in the near future.

Opportunity to participate as a research study subject:

Longitudinal test of communication skill training for health care providers to improve antibiotic stewardship with emerging adult patients

 3rd and 4th year students are invited to participate in a study assessing an intervention to improve communication skills for discussing antibiotics with patients. Participants will be eligible for up to $100 compensation for completion of three surveys and viewing a set of short videos over a 3-month period.

Expanded MS4s:

AAMC VLSO Away Rotation Webinar – Register Now

The AAMC Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO) program is hosting a student webinar on Thursday, Feb. 10 at 7PM ET (3 PM AK, 4PM PT, 5 PM MT) for students planning for 2022-2023 away rotations. Registration is now open.

This webinar will address common questions from students about the away rotation process. Attendees will hear directly from a panel of Host institutions and will gain a better understanding of their review and decision processes.

Student can submit questions about applying to rotations until 11:59 p.m. ET on Monday, Jan. 24. All questions must be submitted in advance as the presenters will not be taking questions live during the webinar. Don’t forget to check out the VSLO student page to find training modules as well as answers to some of your questions.

In case you missed it:

Here is a link to the Jan. 20, 2022 Weekly Student Newsletter information for MS4s.