MS3 Class information – January 6, 2022

Career Advising Student Advisory Board – Tip of the Month

We hope you had a restful winter break! As you’re going through these rotations, it’s helpful to look at the daily work you’re doing and reflect on what you like and don’t like about it. Do you love the OR and working with your hands? Do you enjoy getting to sit down with patients for long conversations? How important is continuity of care to you? Do you like high adrenaline situations? Working in a hospital or a clinic? Answering these big-picture questions can help you narrow down on specialty options to explore further! Pay attention to which clerkship(s) keep you interested and inspired even when the work is tough and you are tired.

Written by Career Advising Student Advisory Board member, Shanelle Briggs and reviewed by a second BIPOC Board member, L’Oreal Kennedy.