MS4 Class Information – October 7, 2021

Vaccine Requirement for Students Rotating at VA Sites

The Veteran’s Administration will require all Health Professions Trainees to provide proof of vaccination using the VA Light Electronic Action Framework (LEAF) System.  Health Professions Trainees will be asked to individually enter their vaccination information into the LEAF System.  If you are currently doing a rotation at a VA site, you may be asked to upload your proof of vaccination in the next week.  If you will be doing a rotation at a VA site in the future, please be prepared to upload your proof of vaccination when you begin your rotation.

Help Our Students Travel (HOST) Announcement  

If you’re getting ready for residency interviews, the Alumni Association also has a program to get you connected to alumni around the country virtually. A long-standing UW School of Medicine Alumni Association tradition, Help Our Students Travel (HOST) has adapted to ongoing remote interviews. While you may not have the opportunity to see potential new cities in person, we can connect you with alumni for one-on-one Q&A sessions — from “What do you love about your city?” to “What can I expect while working in this specialty?” Learn more and register to talk with an alum at: 

In case you missed it:  

Here is a link to last week’s Student Newsletter (9-30-21). That issue included the following information: 

  • Financial Aid Update 
  • Complete Revision Request for Residency Application Receipts