7.1 Attendance & Absentee Policy – Foundations Phase

Policy Statement

As part of professional development as physicians-in-training, students are expected to make the medical school schedule their highest priority. We expect all students to contribute to group learning and participate in problem solving. Preparation prior to class and active participation during class are critical not only to each individual’s success, but to the success of one’s fellow students. Ultimately, active participation in groups will better prepare all students for their work in clinical settings.

The UWSOM expects students to attend and actively participate in all blocks and courses. Participation is part of the grade in many blocks. Sessions that are mandatory will be marked as “attendance required” in the curriculum management system, Elentra. Students are required to attend:

  • Labs
  • Sessions where patients are present
  • Small group sessions
  • Other sessions at the discretion of the block, thread or theme leader, or the local Foundations Dean

Foundations coursework takes priority over elective coursework.  You must not sign up for non-clinical electives, preceptorships or shadowing experiences which conflict with your Foundations classes and/or Foundations of Clinical Medicine, Hospital tutorials, and Primary Care Practicum (PCP).

Requirements, Procedures and Guidelines

Attendance in Foundations of Clinical Medicine (FCM), Primary Care Practicum (PCP) & Hospital Tutorials
Attendance is required for all FCM activities.  If you are ill or have an emergency and are unable to attend a session, please contact the appropriate people as soon as possible.

Curricular Component Who do I ask for permission?
Orientation & FCM: Immersion Foundations Dean & FCM course director(s) at your Foundations site
FCM: Clinical Skills Workshops FCM course director(s) at your Foundations site
FCM: Primary Care Practicum PCP director at your site and your PCP faculty
FCM: Hospital Tutorials Your College mentor/hospital tutorial faculty
Foundations Block, Thread & Courses Foundations Dean at your Foundations site

Students unable to attend a session must complete assigned makeup activities. Failure to communicate about an absence will result in a Notice of Concern (NOC).  Absences due to personal events and research presentations will not be excused.