3.1 Admissions Values Statement

The University of Washington School of Medicine admits to its MD program individuals who have achieved a high level of academic performance and who possess the maturity, motivation, and aptitude to become excellent practitioners and scholars of medicine. Applicants admitted must demonstrate humanitarian concerns and high ethical/moral standards. 

Diverse backgrounds are sought among applicants admitted to each class of the MD program, with the intention of providing access to medical education for those who are underrepresented in the medical profession in the WWAMI region. 

The people of the WWAMI region are best served when graduates from diverse backgrounds choose a variety of careers that will meet the healthcare needs of the WWAMI region. Therefore, the University of Washington School of Medicine’s MD program seeks applicants interested in exploring a variety of careers, recognizing the importance of primary care as well as clinical specialties, and demonstrating promise for advancing knowledge and assuming leadership in the biomedical sciences and academic medicine.