Diverse Identities & Affinity Groups

While not meant to be a complete list, this page compiles numerous student supports available to all students, including those from diverse identities and affinity groups. These resources help you build a community of support and more easily navigate career and specialty exploration during your medical school journey.

Resources for All Students

Career Exploration & Networking

Residents in Medicine Directory (RIM)

Residents in Medicine Directory (RIM) allows you to connect with UWSOM alumni who are current residents in your specialty(ies) of interest. All clinical students have access to RIM. Meet with your Career Advisor if you are a foundations student who would like access. Be mindful and respectful of residents’ time. This is confidential information. Do not share RIM information with anyone outside of UWSOM.

AAMC Careers in Medicine

Engage During Medical School

Join a UWSOM student affinity group/student organization

There are offerings at every foundation site, and some groups have a WWAMI-wide virtual presence and do not exist at any one site.

UW Medicine Office of Healthcare Equity

Pathways offered through the Office of Healthcare Equity

Student Services

UWSOM Support Services for Students: Academic Support, Counseling, Tutoring, Financial Aid, WPHP, etc.

UWSOM Proactive Advising

UWSOM Learning Environment

Resources for BIPOC Students


BIPOC Physician Directory

BIPOC Physicians Directory is a private, secured database of physicians nationwide (as well as from UW), who can serve as points of contact for UWSOM BIPOC student questions on specialties, residency programs, and regions. The Directory provides a safe avenue for students to connect with BIPOC physicians with identities similar to their own. This is not a mentorship directory or program.

Resources for Students with Disabilities

UW Disability Resources for Students (DRS)

If you have a condition for which accommodations might be appropriate, please consult with the UW DRS office. All accommodations are processed through UW DRS, irrespective of your local foundations site.

Resources for Undocumented Students (DACA)

Undocu Ally Directory

Helping connect undocumented students with allies across the UW campus who can provide additional support and resources. Administered by the Leadership Without Borders office.

UW Leadership Without Borders Office (LWB)

LWB works to serve and empower undocumented students at the University of Washington. LWB offers leadership development resources, college success navigators, the Husky Lending Library, a space for community building, and connections to other campus and community resources. We also welcome allies who want to help further our mission.

Pre-Health Dreamers (PHD)

Promoting education and healthcare access for immigrant communities. Follow along on their social media for the most current info.

My Undocumented Life

Information & resources for undocumented students, families, and allies