Residency Contracts

As part of the residency interview process, programs send applicants copies of residency contracts to review. Familiarize yourself with the following resources as you review residency contracts and benefits packages. This will help you compare programs as part of your rank order list decision-making process.

University of Washington Student Legal Services is an on-campus law office that provides consultation for students who have legal questions or concerns.

You are eligible to use their services for a residency contract review if:

  • The residency is not part of the University of Washington system
  • You are enrolled for the current quarter and have paid the UW Services and Activities fee

It’s unclear if Student Legal Services can review contracts for residency programs outside of Washington State. You are encouraged to start the intake process so your request may be reviewed.

Additional residency contract review resources that may be of help:

The following articles provide helpful background and tips to consider when considering residency contracts