Student Advisory Board (SAB)

Student Advisory Board members provide feedback to enhance the career advising experience for all students. Members serve as liaisons to their cohorts on career planning initiatives.

2022-23 Focus

The board will provide perspective as Career Advising continues to enhance the student experience. This year the Board’s focus will include, among others:

  • Organize and facilitate “intro to specialties” physician panels that are aligned with Foundation’s Blocks, offered during autumn, winter and spring Foundation Integration Weeks
  • Continue to enhance Career Advising resources and supports for URiM and BIPOC students

This is an annual commitment with the option of reapplying yearly for continued Board membership. Members attend quarterly Zoom meetings, with additional small group meetings as needed, and respond to communication seeking input on career planning topics.


The SAB is composed of 20-25 student members, representing MS1s-MS4s across each of the six WWAMI sites. The Board strives to amplify BIPOC voices.

Information about joining the 2023-24 Advisory Board will be available on this page and via email in late Summer/early Fall.

2022-23 SAB Representation

Members are selected across class years and foundation sites.
Alaska Foundations SiteIdaho Foundations SiteMontana Foundations SiteSeattle Foundations SiteSpokane Foundations SiteWyoming Foundations Site
Kat Davis, MS1Victoria Wilk, MS1Aaron Lyon, MS2Abigail Melton, MS1Aidan Lopez, MS1Bailey Stuart, MS2
Cara Chapman, MS2Caleb Allred, MS2Sumner Lawson, MS3Indira Rayala, MS2Natalie Fuller, MS2Madeleine Isler, MS3
Nianiella Dorvall, MS3Jacob Tadje, MS3Brenna Ostertag, MS4Bisu Asmerom, MS3Bonnie Sullivan, MS3
Kathryne Mitchell, MS3Valerie McDonald, MS3
L'Oreal Kennedy, MS4
Stefan Schoen, MS4