Application Components

Review detailed information on each component of the residency application.

A Note on Secondary or Supplemental Applications

Some specialties, or some residency programs in some specialties, will require applicants to complete a secondary or supplemental application.

  • For Match 2022, some programs in internal medicinedermatology, and general surgery may require a free supplemental application in addition to the regular MyERAS application. More details are on the AAMC website

When selecting residency programs to apply to, be sure to do your research to see if/what they might request. The request and structure of the secondary application will be specific to each residency program or specialty.

  • For details on what may be required, visit:
  • More secondary/supplementary applications may be required during the 2022 season

Do not assume that because information is not listed on a program website, it means that a program will not require a secondary application. Some programs notify applicants of the need for a secondary application at the time a program is deciding whom to select to interview

Curriculum Vitae – CV

Letters of Recommendation 

Personal Statement

Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE)/Dean’s Letter

Headshot Photos