Specialty Interest Groups

Involvement in Specialty Interest Groups is an important component of meaningful career exploration. These groups provide opportunities at UWSOM and in the community to engage with specialties and practice fields, patient populations and health equity initiatives, etc. Student groups connect you to service learning and leadership opportunities and provide networking opportunities with physicians, residents and community members who have expertise in a particular field.

Opportunities for Involvement
Specialty Interest Groups across WWAMI

Some interest groups have regional branch chapters at WWAMI sites, and others may operate only at a specific regional site.

Visit the MediaSite Channel to view career-related Specialty Interest Group recordings

Learning about specialties from panels of residents, Program Directors and physicians is an important component of meaningful career exploration.

Visit the MediaSite Channel to view Residency Match Panel recordings, organized by specialty interest groups

Residency match panels feature Program Directors, Specialty Career Advisors, recently matched MS4s and current residents. These recordings are great ways to learn more about the match process and gain advice and tips for putting the best application forward in a particular specialty.

Hosting an interest group panel related to career exploration?

Career Advising will permanently store session recordings on MediaSite. No need to upload recordings to Vimeo or YouTube.


Recordings are accessible for students in the short and long term future, allowing a wider audience to benefit from the material.

Adding a Recording to the Specialty Interest Group Library
  1. Upload the MP4 of the recording to the free version of wetransfer.com.
  2. Email the file to medadv@uw.edu.
  3. We will email you the recording URL within 1-2 business days after we receive the file.
  4. From there, you can distribute and share the URL as you need.
  5. The recording will remain in the library, unless someone from your organization requests it taken down.

We will post career-related interest group sessions for any registered SOM Specialty Interest Group or Student Organization.

Sessions affiliated with Family Medicine or Emergency Medicine are to be hosted on the respective department site. Please contact the department for more details.