Headshot Photos

Headshot photos are used in residency, fellowship, or away rotation applications. Residency programs use photos to recognize you on your interview day and to help remember you when they are making their rank list determinations.

A photo is not a required element of the residency application, however, it is recommended that you submit a professional portrait with your application.

Photos should be appropriate for a professional job application. While photos taken for other events, such as weddings, may be good photos – it is clear that they were not taken for professional settings.

Bonus: Headshot photos can serve as graduation composite photos!

  1. You may hire a professional photographer to do these for you.
    • Studio session options may be available in Seattle – see below.
    • Make sure to receive your final photo file well before the application deadline.
  2. You can recruit a friend with photography skills to take your picture.
  3. It is possible to take a quality headshot using your personal smartphone.
    • For information on how to do so, check out this website or this video.
    • Do not take a selfie!

Recommended Attire:
  • Suit jacket and tie, blazer, blouse or dress
  • Solid colors in medium tones
  • Head covering may be worn if it is worn daily for religious purposes
  • If you wear glasses, you may want to take shots with and without your glasses as lenses can reflect
Helpful Suggestions:
  • Full face must be visible
  • Busy patterns can be distracting
  • Bold colors could distract from your face
  • Keep in mind the contrast between your backdrop, yourself, and your clothing so you avoid blending in with your background
  • Bare shoulders are considered unprofessional
  • Avoid portraits taken for weddings or formal events

While this service is arranged by UWSOM, it is not paid for by the SOM.

  • Contact him through his website to schedule a sitting.
  • $50 for a fully retouched image, or $30 for a non-edited image.

Remember, it is fine to take your own professional headshot, as long as it adheres to the above guidelines.