Curriculum Vitae (CV)

The medical student CV provides a well-organized overview of your experiences, involvements, and achievements related to your medical training and career.

It highlights the most relevant activities and skills you bring to a residency program and to other applications such as research, scholarships, away rotations, etc.

You can include relevant entries from undergraduate activities in medicine, biology and health sciences, community service, research, leadership, policy, and employment.

Recommended CV Writing Steps

To write a strong, well-organized document:

  1. Watch the three-part CV for the Medical Student Video Series
    • Function and Formatting
    • Content and Section Headings
    • Accomplishment Statements
  2. Use the CV Editing Checklist as a guide to draft your document
  3. Edit and proofread
  4. Register for and attend a CV Group Review Session
    • Fridays: 12:00-12:30 p.m. PT
    • Offered December – August

Register for a CV Group Review Session via CAS


Choose a format that works best for your combined experience. The following templates are suggested formats that cover a wide scope of activities.

  • Template 1
    • Includes entries for TRUST, WRITE, Pathways, and RUOP
  • Template 2
    • Includes entries for research, publications, presentations, and honors/awards