Fellowship programs are education beyond residency. These post-professional learning experiences are designed for graduates of a residency and provide more focused training within a subspecialty area of clinical practice, education, or research.

Applying to Fellowship

Applicants need a token to access the ERAS fellowship application system. To request a token, follow the steps outlined by the ERAS Fellowships Documents Office (EFDO).

Transcripts and MSPEs can be uploaded to ERAS directly by you or by the Student Affairs office. Follow these steps:

  • Obtain a copy of your MSPE – see instructions below
  • Order your official transcript from UW main campus – see instructions below
  • In order for Student Affairs to upload the documents, you will need to “designate” Student Affairs as the personnel responsible for uploading the MSPE and/or transcript.
    • Applicants must submit one request for each document that they would like uploaded.
    • To designate Student Affairs in the ERAS EFDO Medical Institution Document Upload Service (MIDUS) system, follow the steps outlined in MIDUS

UW School of Medicine Contact Information for MIDUS:

  • Name: Sarah Wood
  • Title: Director
  • Institution: University of Washington School of Medicine
  • Department: Student Affairs
  • Address: 1959 NE Pacific St
  • City, State, Zip: Seattle, WA 98195
  • Email: sewood@uw.edu
  • Phone: 206.616.8221

If a fellowship program requests documents be sent directly to them, and not through ERAS, complete the following:


  • Email the name and email address of the fellowship program contact to the Student Affairs office.
  • Student Affairs will email a copy of the MSPE directly to the fellowship program.


  • Order a copy of your transcript online to be sent directly to you or the fellowship program.


Requesting Documents

Email Student Affairs and indicate your full name, including any previous names you might have used during medical school, and the year in which you graduated.

Even if you plan to have Student Affairs upload your transcript, you are responsible for ordering the document from UW main campus. Follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the UW Transcripts website
  2. Navigate to “Official Transcripts”
  3. Select “Parchment” or “Parchment [UW NETID]”
    • Select whichever option applies to you
  4. Select your transcript type:
    • To be sent to you: “PDF – Delivered to Recipient”
    • To be sent to Student Affairs or the fellowship program contact: “PDF – Downloaded by Third Party”
  5. Enter the recipient’s name and email address:
    • For ERAS apps: the recipient can be the applicant or Sarah Wood, sewood@uw.edu
    • For non-ERAS apps: the recipient can be the applicant or the fellowship program contact
  6. Pay the fee

Please allow 5 business days for delivery and processing.