A Career Planning Program for Medical Students:

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One of the most significant decisions students make while attending medical school is choosing a specialty. The UW Careers in Medicine program is designed to help students stay on track making this decision during the four years of medical school with a four-step program of self-assessment and career exploration. The goal of the program is to help each student narrow their choices and select a specialty focus by the end of spring quarter of 3rd year and be prepared to begin the application to residency, interview, and enjoy a successful Match to the career of their choosing.

The following website will walk you through ways to choose your specialty and land your residency: https://www.aamc.org/cim/

Our objective is to provide our medical students with the information, resources, and experiences necessary to make good career decisions and to be successful in the residency match

The Careers in Medicine 4-step process:

Year 1 – Understanding Yourself:

  • Learn what your interests, values, and skills are.
  • Arrange a preceptorship
  • Learn about the 4-year process of career decision making
  • Register for AAMC’s "Careers in Medicine" website

Year 2 – Exploring Options:

  • Learn about specialties that interest you – stay curious, flexible, and open-minded
  • Learn about different clerkship opportunities
  • Talk with your College mentor

Year 3 – Choosing a Specialty: Career Exploration and Preliminary Decision-Making:

  • Use the clerkships to help  you define your specialty interest
  • Choose a specialty

Year 4 – Getting into Residency:

  • Make a specialty decision
  • Apply to residencies
  • Work on the elements of your ERAS application
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