MS1 Videos: Career Planning & Extracurriculars

Approach to Career Planning & Extracurriculars in Foundations

All MS1s watch these

Assistant Dean Dr. Maya Sardesai talks with UWSOM Career Advisor, Tonja Brown in a series of Video Chats.

two smiling faces in professional office clothesCareer Exploration and Discernment for First-Year Medical Students – 7 minutes


two smiling females in office attireMaking Decisions around Extracurricular Participation in the Foundation Phase – 5 minutes


smiling physician wearing black sweaterHow to Navigate Research: Guidance for Foundation Students – 9 minutes


Dr. Sardesai is the Assistant Dean for Student Development in the UWSOM, an Associate Professor of Head and Neck Surgery in the Dept. of Otolaryngology, and has served as the Associate Program Director of the UW Otolaryngology residency program since 2014. Additionally, Dr. Sardesai has previously held roles as a UW College Mentor and clerkship site director.